Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Transportation:

1. Monthly bus/van fare should be paid on due date, payment make after due date late fine @ Rs.30.00 per month will be charged on defaulting payment. 2. Monthly bus/van fee should be paid in the cash counter and not to any other such as driver or caretaker. 3. Bus/van fares covers twelve calendar months. [Prep to KG - Jan to Dec and I to X - April to Mar] 4. If any student is defaulting for more than one month of within the stipulated dates then his/her name is liable to struck off without any notice. 5. The school has every right to initiate legal action if any disputes or defaults in payment of bus/van fare are so arise. 6. The school is for plying the bus/van in time but if there is any unavoidable circumstances like mechanical defects, traffic jam etc. the arrival of the bus/van to the school or vice versa may be delayed and for no claim whatsoever will be applicable at any point of time. 7. A student joining or leaving the service during any term will have to pay all the fees for the full term. 8. Due to hike of oil prices, we have reserve the right to change the bus/van fees. 9. Parent/Guardians are request to make proper arrangements to collect the children immediately at the specified stoppages at the time of disembark. 10. Every student should follow and listen to any or all instruction issued by the caretaker of the bus/van.