Our Facilities

Well-Equipped Computer Lab

The modern day life is fast advancing and with the click of a mouse we can bring the whole world within our fingertips. Today's education without computers is like a ship without a captain. Computers have come to play a very important role in our educational scenario and such MPA can boast of a well-equipped computer lab with the latest hardware and software facilities manned by qualified computer teachers, internet facilities are also available to facilitate the students to browse and to get first hand knowledge.

Well-Equipped Library

The school has a well-equipped library catering to the needs of both the teachers and the taught. It is a storehouse of knowledge which helps in developing in the young students a habit of reading and writing. Besides the day to day reading materials, the library also has books on history, literature, philosophies, encyclopaedias, autobiographies, reference books etc. Local and national newspapers, periodicals and magazines are also kept to increase the vocabulary and to create interest among all towards the day to day happenings in the national and international arenas. Students are also encouraged to love books and to make proper use of the library.

Hostel Facility

Hostel facility available for both boys and girls in the school campus.